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XGA rozlišení (1024x 768 pixelů)


Světelný výkon
(ANSI lm)

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Komprese rozlišení

1024x 768/

1280 x 1024 , 540 TV řádků

Technologie zobrazení DMD, 4- segmentový filtr
Velikost displeje 0,55“
Projekční vzdálenost pro obraz se základnou 2 m 3,60 - 4,20m
Vzdálenost (min-max) 1,5 - 8,0m
Kontrast 2000 : 1
Vstupy 2x RGB, 2x video, 1x AV cinch
Druh lampy UHP 180W
Životnost lampy 3- 5000 hod
Cena lampy 11900
Optika manuální zoom, focus, VK:+-15o
Interní audio 10W mono
Váha (kg) 3,2
Zvláštní vybavení 1xRGB OUT, RJ-45, freeze, zatemnění obrazu, RS-232, brašna
cena bez DPH 21900


XD221U-ST (Short Throw)

Mobile Multimedia Ultra Short Throw Projector

The issue of presenting in environments with limited projection space can now be eliminated with the new XD221U-ST. This native XGA projector is equipped with an ultra-powerful short-throw lens that can project an amazing 60-inch diagonal image from a distance of just 33 inches (83cm) from the screen. With such an amazingly short projection distance, any concerns about presenters casting their shadow on the screen are now eliminated.

With the projector installed close to the screen, the projector light does not get in the instructor's eyes even when directly facing the students. This proximity also keeps the instructor's shadow off the presentation contents.

XD221U-ST Thort Throw Image


Display Technology 0.55" 1-Chip DMD
Resolution 1024 × 768 (Total 786,432 pixels)
Brightness 2000lm
Contrast Ratio 2500 : 1
Picture Size 40" - 300"
Throw Ratio 0.7
Source Lamp 160W (Shut-off Time 5000hr*2) in Low Mode,
180W (Shut-off Time 3000hr*2) in Standard Mode
PC Compatibility 640 × 480 - 1280 × 1024,
True: 1024 × 768, Sync on Green available
Video Compatibility NTSC / NTSC 4.43 / PAL (including PAL-M, N) / SECAM / PAL-60 Component Video: 480i/p (525i/p), 576i/p (625i/p), 720p (750p), 1080i (1125i 60Hz), 1080i (1125i 50Hz)
Input Terminals RGB: mini D-sub 15pin × 2
RCA × 1 + S-VIDEO × 1
Audio: Stereo mini jack (ø3.5mm) × 2
Output Terminals RGB: mini D-sub 15pin × 1
Audio: Stereo mini jack (ø3.5mm) × 1
Communication Terminal RS-232C: mini DIN 8pin × 1, LAN (RJ-45) × 1
Audio Speaker 10W Mono
Dimensions (W × H × D) 320 × 104 × 236 mm / 12.6 × 4.1 × 9.3 inch
Weight 3.2kg / 7.0lbs
Power Requirements AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Optional Lamp VLT-XD221LP

  • *Compliance with ISO21118-2005
  • *All brand names and product names are trademarks, registered trademarks or trade names of their respective holders.
  • (*2): It's an estimated life time and the lamp is to be shut off upon the arrival. And it's not the time specified in the warranty.

Input and Output Terminals
Input and Output Terminals
Screen Size and Projection Distance

As seen from the side.

Screen Size and Projection Distance

Click here to open the throw distance calculator


Cena bez DPH: 21900,- Kč